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The game is inspired by the minigame obstacle course maps from the game Counter-Strike. You have to get through the level, which is full of obstacles, to the end without dying. This demo contains 10 levels, which include different kind of obstacles and mechanics.

I'm not updating this version anymore, and I'm currently working on the steam/full version. If you wanna chat or hear more about updates and the status of the game, come join the discord server: https://discord.gg/kf33pSd


WASD: Move
Space: Jump
Left-Ctrl: Crouch
Escape: Pause
R: Restart level

How to play

- You have to use the objects in the level to avoid obstacles to get through the level/course. 

- You can bunnyhop by holding "W" while strafing like in Counter-Strike: "A" + move mouse left or "D" + move mouse right.

- You can also queue jumps by holding space before you land.

- Try to get good times on the levels.

- In options you can scroll down and enable ingame-timer and velocity-meter

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, First-Person, Unity

Install instructions

Extract the zip-file and open "Trap Chamber Alpha.exe".


Trap Chamber Alpha 1.1.zip 69 MB

Development log


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Dear developer, game is rendering 14 fps on nvidia GT610. My device is dell vostro 270 with windows 7 64bit.

Thanks for the info. I haven't made that much (if any) optimization for this demo, but I will be sure to optimize it decently for final release :)


I am very proud to be the first sharing a comment for your awesome game :)

Really good game with an amazing aesthetic - something soft and clear - almost ethereal. The main gameplay is addictive. I played and played again so as to reach a better time - and I would like to see some "hall of fame" online. I guess that you planned to do that. I thing that the controller could be a little bit smoother, but it's good enough. All mechanics/platforms/obstacles work as expected. Well done. I wish you the best, developing your project. I got an eye on it. If you need a tester, let me know. I will be very happy to help you ++

Thanks for the words man! :D Yea, I will continue working on the playercontroller to try to make it feel extremely good. My plan with the leaderboard is using Steam Leaderboards when I get to that point . I sometimes work on the game on my twitch (ThatRumme), and I can always use some testing later on ;)